In the year 1960-70, the Indian pharmaceutical industry uses to import Pharma machinery from Europe. In the year 1970 India went through a severe shortage of foreign exchange and due to this reason, the Indian government introduced very high import duties and restrictive import licensing policies in order to discourage import of machinery and prompt Indian Pharma industry to work out a solution at home, in India. This act forced all the pharmaceutical companies to come up with some engineering work in order to manufacture machines locally. Indian Pharma industry has no other way out to get out of this situation and to cater to growing demand for the domestic Pharma industry.

With this step of the Indian government, the Indian Pharma industry managed to get independence from foreign machinery and now the fact is that India produces 75 per cent of Pharma machinery. This is not the end of the story, India in last 4 decades became the fifth largest producer of drugs after United States, Japan, Europe and China.

Types of Pharmaceutical Machinery

Pharma Machinery and Equipment today are growing due to efficient technology, latest modern engineering work and professional business approach.

Empowered with and riding on latest technology Indian pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers are producing high-quality Pharmaceutical Machinery and Equipments from production, testing to packaging are available in the Indian market. The Pharma machinery of different size and capacity are available for manufacturing of Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, Cosmetics, Liquid, Injections, Sachet filling and others sections for Pharmaceutical Industry.

Pharma machinery for different products

  1. Tablet Section

There are various stages of tablet manufacturing and each stage requires a different set of machinery;

Mixing, Granulation and drying – In this, this stage various excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients and mixed and granulates are prepared to make a tablet. The Pharma machinery involved in this section are;

Mass Mixer

Rapid mixer granulator

Fluid bed drier

Tray drier

Cone blender

Vibro Shifter

Tablet Compression- After granules are prepared, a tablet is formed using Tablet compression machine.

Coating of Tablet- Tablet is then coated using a coating pan and spray gun designed specifically for this purpose. If a tablet is uncoated it goes directly to packing.

Packing Section- In packing section alu alu , blister and strip packing machines are used to pack tablet. A conveyor table is installed to allow strips to move and then these strips are packed in a box manually.

  1. Capsule section

For capsule filling, either granule is prepared in a similar way as in case of a tablet or ready to fill pellets also available in the market depending specific drug to be prepared.

Granules or pellets then filled in a capsule using a capsule filling pharma machinery which comes in various forms depending upon the capacity to fill capsule in an hour. These machines may be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic.

After capsule filling packing is done in the same way as in the case of tablets

  1. Liquid Section

  • In a liquid section pharma machinery required to prepare a liquid Manufacturing Vessels / Homogenizer / Stirrer are required. Their size depends upon the capacity required. After that for filling of liquid in a bottle semi-automatic as well as high-speed filling and labelling machines are available.
  • Other machines required for this section are Filter Press / Colloid Mill
  • Rotary Bottle Washing Machine
  • Automatic Labeling / Gumming / Stickering Machine
  1. Quality Control Section

During the process of production and after a product is manufactured, testing of samples is done to ensure that a semi-finish product manufactured is fulfilling the parameters and ready to move into the next step of production. Similarly, after the final stage product is tested again and a COA or certificate of authentication is drafted which is like a report card of finish product. A finished product can only be released for sale if it fulfils minimum quality standards prescribed of a particular drug and for this specific pharma machinery and testing equipment’s are required

To perform various tests like Hardness of a tablet, Uniformity of content, Disintegration, dissolution, assay-specific pharma machinery are required which are as follows-

  • Leak Test Apparatus
  • Six Stage Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus
  • Microprocessor Based Tablet Disintegration Machine
  • Microprocessor control Programmable counter
  • Tablet Hardness Tester (Automatic)
  • Tablet hardness tester (Automatic)
  • Tablet Friability Tester
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Precision Melting Point cum – Boiling point apparatus
  • Automatic Tablet Counting Machine
  • Disintegration Tester
  • Tablet Dissolution Tester
  • Room Dehumidifier / Inspection Tables
  • HPLC
  • FTIR
  • UV
  • Weighing balance
  • Titrator
  • RO Water plant
  • Water treatment plant
  • A water purification system for Lab and HPLC
  • Columns for HPLC

And many other types of equipment and machinery as per the requirement of a manufacturer.

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