When it comes to PCD Pharma Franchise companies in India, North India pharma franchise companies are leading the race in terms of business and growth. There are many pcd pharma companies in north India and their numbers are increasing every day.

States like Punjab or Haryana are home of a large number of PCD Pharma franchise companies in India. Around Chandigarh, there is a large number of Pharma franchise companies and they are doing lots of advertising and promotion to increase their business and reach. For pharma professionals who are will to work as PCD pharma franchise can opt to work with any of these pharma franchise companies.

At Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal, we can find major pharma third-party manufacturing companies. These companies are not limited to domestic players but multinationals also have their manufacturing units at these two states. In last decade pharma 3rd party manufacturing companies have flourished in these two states because of exemption in Excise tax given to companies operating in two areas in order to increase investment and jobs, which really worked. Baddi is home to many pharmaceutical companies which have established manufacturing plants and R&D hubs in this area. They are engaged in exports, Pharma third-party manufacturing, PCD Pharma franchise of pharma products. This place is Asia’s biggest Pharmaceuticals hub and is home to companies like Cadila Healthcare, Cipla, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Ranbaxy Laboratories, Abbott Laboratories etc which are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world

In baddi there is a total of 2,120 factories belonging to leading pharma companies which generates an annual turnover of around Rs 60,000 crore. Baddi employs one-third of all persons employed in Himachal’s industries.

National capital region of Delhi is the natural choice of all Pharma franchise companies in North India, the capital city has emerged as a prominent place of pcd pharma companies. Uttar Pradesh is another prominent state in terms of business opportunities of Pharma franchise in north India. With its large population which is increasing every day, this Uttar Pradesh is promised huge business opportunity in India. Being the biggest state with enormous potential in India it attracts all pharma franchise companies in India to search franchise partners in this state. In the last decade, we have witnessed many new and existing pcd pharma companies growing in this region. Not only a businessman but pharma professionals and doctors have opted for Pharma franchise business in North India. Hence PCD Pharma franchise companies are growing in north India as never before in history. Being a business which not only generates great revenues but also it’s an ever-growing business in the time when the recession has hit almost all industries of the world.

Indian pharma industry values at US$ 33 Billion in 2017 which is expected to reach US$ 55 BY 2020.

Uttar Pradesh government has announced to establish 6 pharma parks in various districts of Uttar Pradesh including Kanpur and Ghaziabad and expecting an investment of more than 500 Crore.

The growth of PCD Pharma franchise companies in India will largely depend upon the capability of these companies to align their product portfolio along with chronic therapy for diseases such as Anti-diabetics, Anti-Depressant, Cardiovascular and Oncology that are to rise in coming future by 2020. The Indian pharma industry is likely to grow enough to be a top 10 global player in value term by 2020.

The Indian pharma industry is growing at a compounded growth rate of 15% over the last 5 years. Be it be export or domestic sale, both segments have contributed immensely to the growth of Indian pharma industry and credit of growth of domestic segment goes to Pcd pharma franchise model of business.

In terms of volume, India is the fourth largest producer of pharmaceutical products. In the last four years, Indian pharma generic industry has shown a remarkable growth of 24% globally including states like America and Britain.

Pcd Pharma franchise companies of north India is serving a large population of India. It’s an ever-growing, revenue generating and business opportunity with a bright future.

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