Pharma Franchise / Pharma PCD

It is basically an authorization, a right,  granted by the pharmaceutical company to an individual or group or distributor which allow them to work as a franchise and carry out commercial activities with monopoly rights.

It is a mutual agreement for doing a commercial activity such as marketing, sales, advertisement at monopoly rights for a particular territory, district, state, and zone or as agreed area.

Basically, Agreements involves monopoly rights, the area covered, payment term & conditions, transportation tax, delivery etc.

Third party Manufacturing

Also known as Third Party Manufacturing is the best option for the pharma companies which do not have their own manufacturing facility. It is need of an hour because its simple and pharma products can be easily manufactured by this process.

Starting a pharma manufacturing company could be very hectic due to financial, technical expertise and business reasons but the pharma manufacturing became much easy, all thanks to third party pharma manufacturing companies.

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