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Pharma Propaganda cum distributorship or Pharma PCD , created a sensation in the pharmaceutical industry in India for a long time now.
India is a developing nation and in the 21st century we have seen enormous growth in almost every sector despite market recessions and Pharmaceutical Industry has its own growth share.
With the increase in the cost of APIs and other factors, Pharma franchise or Pharma PCD has emerged as a comprehensive business model.
Pharma franchise or Pharma PCD business model comes with marketing and distribution rights in a given territory to a pharma professional or a distributor by Pharma franchise or Pharma PCD provider which may be a manufacturer or a marketing firm.
Here, the individual or a group who takes the franchise is responsible for marketing and selling the products in his territory only.


The pharmaceutical company offering Pharma Franchise or Pharma PCD offers a variety of marketing and promotional services apart from the core product for facilitating sales. This support is must and assist franchise owner to promote and market products efficiently. After all its the sale which keeps a business running.
Good and efficient promotional material and techniques help business to start smoothly and keep on growing with time. Hence support from franchise companies is equally important.
Visual aids, product cards, brochures leave behinds, representative bags, reminder cards, catch covers, samples are the responsibility of pharma companies to provide. As these materials are investments in business hence cost is to borne by the franchise owner.


Pharmaceutical professionals, who have ample experience in sales and marketing can go for pharma franchise or pharma pcd business
A medical representative, Area Manager, Territory Manager who all are working in sales for a few years or decade with the wide network of doctors can get into this pharma franchise or pharma pcd business. The years of experience and network of doctors will obviously work.
Selecting a right company ensures half a job done. The company should be well settled for years with a comprehensive product range is what a franchise seeker should look for. If a company is not manufacturing products on his own then who are the manufacturers, from whom he is getting drugs manufactured.

Factors to be taken into consideration before selecting a company are:

• Market presence of the company selected.
• Quality of the products marketed.
• The company is a manufacturer or manufactures its brands on the third party, if so from where.
• Quality of the promotional material, physically and technically.
• Companies reputation and customer service approach.
• Whats a dispute resolution mechanism adopted by the company.
• Transportation service available.
• Availability of products when required.

Once you discuss these points with a company, you will get to know more and more about the organisation you are planning to work with and eventually this will help you in finalising the best company for business.
Quality in the pharmaceutical industry is paramount and any compromise will lead to disaster. Select a territory to work, draft an agreement with marketing and monopoly rights.
Once paperwork is done, sole distribution and marketing rights are granted by the company. It is up to the Pharma PCD or Pharma Franchise owner to works and grabs the profits and benefits.


Like any other franchise business pharma franchise and pharma pcd is also like owing the business, the more you put effort, the more profit you will have.
With an approximate profit of around 35 to 40 percent, you may choose your workforce and increase sale. A single representative can achieve a sale of 2 to 3 Lakhs per month
Modern technology provides innovative PCD Franchise opportunities today. Pharma franchise and pharma pcd have opened a new era of pharma business opportunity in India.

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