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Anticonvulsants  also known as antiepileptic drugs or as antiseizure drugs are a diverse group of pharmacological agents used in the treatment of epileptic seizures. Anticonvulsants are also increasingly being used in the treatment of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, since many seem to act as mood stabilizers, and for the treatment of neuropathic pain. Anticonvulsants suppress the excessive rapid firing of neurons during seizures. Anticonvulsants also prevent the spread of the seizure within the brain.

Anticonvulsant Drugs:

  1. Acetazolamide
  2. Acetazolam
  3. Carbamazepine
  4. Clobazam
  5. Clonazepam 
  6. Diazepam
  7. Zarontin
  8. Gabapentin
  9. Neurontin
  10. Lacosamide
  11. Lamotrigine
  12. Levetiracetam
  13. Lorazepam
  14. Oxcarbazepine
  15. Phenytoin
  16. Pregabalin
  17. Topiramate
  18. Valproic Acid
  19. Divalproex Sodium,
  20. Sodium Valproate

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