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Antiarrhythmic Drugs

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Antiarrhythmics are used to treat heart rhythm disorders, called arrhythmias, and to reduce the symptoms associated with them. Some of the common symptoms of arrhythmias include

  1. Heart palpitations
  2. Irregular heartbeats
  3. Fast heartbeats
  4. Lightheadedness
  5. Fainting
  6. Chest pain
  7. Shortness of breath.

Irregular heartbeats may be a congenital condition (since birth) or may develop if part of heart muscle tissue is damaged, which leads to disruption or “short circuit” in the heart’s electrical system. Antiarrhythmics work in a different way to reduce the electrical impulses in the heart which enures a regular rhythm.

Antiarrhythmic Drugs:

  1. Quinidine
  2. Lignocaine
  3. Propafenone
  4. Procainamide
  5. Adenosine
  6. Amiodarone
  7. Sotalol
  8. Verapamil
  9. Dronedarone

Digoxin is another drug used as an antiarrhythmic, however, it is not included in this categories.

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