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Pharma Franchise, Pharma PCD & Third party manufacturing of Aminoglycoside Drugs

Aminoglycosides are a class of antibiotics used to treat serious infections caused by bacteria that either multiply very quickly or are difficult to treat.

Aminoglycosides are called bactericidal antibiotics because they kill bacteria directly. They accomplish this by stopping bacteria from producing proteins needed for their survival.

Because aminoglycosides are normally used to treat serious infections, they are typically administered into the veins of the body.

However, some aminoglycosides can be taken orally, or as ear or eye drops.

Aminoglycosides Drugs:

  1. Gentamicin
  2. Amikacin
  3. Tobramycin
  4. Gentak and Genoptic (eye drops)
  5. Kanamycin
  6. Streptomycin
  7. Neo-Fradin (oral)
  8. Neomycin

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