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Life begins with small steps and we are introducing our self to the world of Pharmaceutical Pharma Third party manufacturing and Pharma Franchise and Pharma PCD business.

This is Gaurav Sachan and this portal is an effort to bring together pcd pharma franchise seekers and pharma companies on same platform. We search the best pcd pharma franchise companies offering their products on pcd franchise. if you are a franchise seeker or a pharma company offering franchise, you may share with us your contact details and we search the best business partner for you.

Mission and Vision for Pharma Rights is to provide comprehensive business solutions to all pharma professionals and pharma companies. We welcome your suggestions and feedbackand will try to incorporate to make our services more effective and result oriented.


Searching the best pcd pharma companies in India or the top pharma franchise companies in India with quality products for doing business is by no means an easy job. There are thousands of small and big franchise pharma companies and pcd pharma companies operating throughout India.

In India the pharmaceutical industry is growing at a compounded annual rate of 15%. Pharmaceutical companies may be a small, medium or big size hence you need to decide whether you need to opt a small company with 50-200 products of general range or a medium size company with a speciality product range of 200 to 400 products or a multinational company.

A mid-size franchise pharma company or PCD pharma company may be a good decision to begin with as mid-size pharmaceutical companies have general product range, normally working hard to establish and grow. These companies provide good customer service and their higher management are easy to contact if there is an issue with a product or service.

For speciality products, you may opt for the best pcd pharma companies in India or the top pharma franchise companies in India. You may contact a manufacturing pharmaceutical company offering a franchise or a firm with a reputation of selling speciality products for years and well settled in this market. We recommend one should take 2-3 pharma franchise and pharma pcd companies so that your business is safe and not dependent on any one company. Hence if you are doing pharma franchise and pharma pcd business with a company having their own manufacturing unit, you may get your own product manufactured on third party basis if required and slowly and gradually you may build your own product range while doing pharma franchise and pharma pcd business.

Being part of the pharmaceutical industry its responsibility of marketing pharmaceutical companies as well to keep track of drug notifications with respect to banned drugs, dpco rates and other updates. Each drug formulation is approved by DCGI in India and then only it can be manufactured and marketed however, unfortunately, there are many irrational formulations in the market which drug technical advisory body is trying to regulate or ban. Hence to avoid losses in business and being aware of industry its important for every pharma franchise and pharma pcd operator to keep track of the regulatory status of products they are marketing. Before purchasing product ask for approval copy and check DPCO notification for verifying its MRP. For the list of drugs approved by dcgi you may click here and for DPCO price list, click here

Getting your manufactured by the best pharma third party manufacturing companies in India is important in today’s competitive world. After GST you may choose a company within your state or at a place near your locality as well. Not only in Himachal or Uttaranchal, you can get your products ready at any state with one of the top 3rd party manufacturing companies of India.

Just mail us your requirement such as product , quantity, packing and other specification and we will connect you with the best pharma 3rd party manufacturing companies in India. Its not only the raw material used but formulation of a product plays a major role in manufacturing. One tip we can offer you here is that always ask your manufacturer that since how long he is manufacturing the product you are looking for. Even government do not purchase drug from a manufacturer who dose not have experience of manufacturing a drug for more than 3 years. This shows that formulation is stable and there are less chances that there would be any issues with the product.

Share your contact details with us or call us and we will connect you with the best franchise pharma company or PCD pharma company operating in India along with the best third party manufacturing companies in India

We at Pharma Rights making an umbrella of pharma franchise and pharma pcd provider companies to make choice easier for pharma professional or pharma traders to choose best pharma franchise pcd provider available in India.

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