As per the directive, those failing to provide mandatory information online, the FDA will cancel their licences. This is violation of Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules thereunder. As per the rule, the licence gets renewed on payment of requisite fees, said Rajesh Soni, general secretary of Chemists and Druggists Association, Fatehpur.

After submission of all the requisite documents, the drug traders were issued licences. Now we have been directed to submit all the documents on the online portal which is a needless duplication of our effort. The FDA has a record of all licence holders and it is their responsibility to make the licence holders’ details online. Instead of doing so, it has put onus on traders to make their documents online, he added.

In a bid to streamline the process of grant of various drug licences and certificates, the FDA on July 17 has issued a circular directing drug retailers and wholesalers in the state to upload requisite documents and details of medical shops which they have submitted for grant of licence, on its online portal by the end of next month. The non-compliance with the directive will lead to cancellation of licence, stated the state drug regulatory body, adding that it will help identify the drug retailers who shut the medical stores but their licence is still valid. Such licences are likely to be misused. Once details of licence holders get online, such misuse can be stopped.


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